Nature's Hair

So, in this day and age we see girls covered in orange self tan, eyebrows have been badly drawn in with what seems to be kiddie crayons and of course, the duck face is all over FaceBook and Twitter.Then we have hair extensions, I think we have Jersey shore to blame for all of this. Thanks Snooki. However, Snooki and J-Wow aside, hair extensions can actually be pretty cool if done correctly and specifically if 100% human hair is actually used. When that fake Barbie doll hair is used, you gonna have a bad time. If you are interested in creating long and luxurious locks try contacting an advanced hair studio instead of asking your sister to stick cheap doll hair on your head. Brazilian women and Indian women are known to have the best locks in the world, so I recommend you help yourself to their hair. Brazilian hair extensions and Indian hair extensions will make you look more Kim Kardashian as opposed to Snooki. (As much as I dislike Kim, you gotta admit to her awesome hair.) So, if you are thinking of embracing this trend, make sure you do it the right way ladies... we don't need any more Jersey Shore lookalikes roaming our streets.