Knowing Your Hair Growth's Cycle

If you are having issues with your hair, learning more about its growth cycle will help you. Between the time of starting its growth and eventually falling out years later, 100% human hair will pass through three stages in its lifecycle:

  • The Anagen phase, this is known as the growing phase
  • The catagen phase, known as the intermediate phase and
  • The Telogen phase, also known as the shedding phase

The growing phase is where the new hair growth in a person occurs. Throughout this phase, as much as 90% of the hair on your head will now grow at a normal rate. Some people find it takes too long in this stage and will opt for weaves or wigs until their hair growth continues and thickens. For most people, the rate of growth in this phase will be a half an inch per month. During this phase, each individual hair can remain in the anagen phase for as long as 3 to 5 years. However, there are cases where it can be up to ten years.

During this phase the melanin, or pigment, will be manufactured in the hair’s follicle. Older people will have less pigment created throughout this stage and this is why there will be white hair that needs to appear even should they still have beautifully growing strong and healthy hair. The catagen phase is normally referred to as the transitional phase for hair. It signals the end of the hair’s growth phase and throughout this phase, the hair follicle will detach from its nutritional supply, referred to as the dermal papilla, ultimately forming into a rounded club.

There will also be no pigment created throughout this phase and the follicle will ultimately stop producing hair altogether. The follicle will also move toward the skin’s surface and there will be less than 1% of the hair that will be in the catagen phase at any which time.

If you are having issues with your hair and are looking for a great solution, consider 100% human hair wigs for a natural and undetectable solution.

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